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Program Documents


Sample Lesson Plan

This 2 day hybrid sample lesson plan is intended to show parents what is being done in class, but then also gives specific instructions/page numbers for what to do at home. 

Classroom Management Resources

Even in a homeschool partnership, a little teacher training can go a long way!! Consider using the following resources to train yourself and your staff in classroom management:


Donation Receipt

Did you know the IRS requires a donation receipt be given if the donation is over $250?!

Wait Pool Explanation

How do you handle when a class is full? Do you operate on a waitlist? Perhaps it's time to consider a wait pool!

Sample Liability Waiver

There is a lot of debate about liability waivers and their effectiveness, but it is still common practice to require these signed by each participating family and it may be required by your insurance or church host.

Emergency and Drill Procedures

Does your staff know what to do in the event of a fire alarm or earthquake?

Lunchroom Behavior Poster

It may seem silly, but I have had the most issues in the lunchroom through the years and it's only when I assume that everyone knows what behavior is expected! Having a poster clearly defines expectations to students, staff, and volunteers which makes for a much less chaotic lunch time!

Behavior Poster

Just like at lunch, I have found that PE is much more manageable when expectations are clear for everyone involved.


Keep an eye out for my Hybrid Leader Manual Companion Guide which will contain many more resources including:

  • Parent Handbook

  • Behavior and Discipline Policies

  • Program Application

  • Enrollment Forms

  • Enrollment Contracts

  • New Employee Hiring Guides


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