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I am a wife and homeschool mom and in beautiful Southern Oregon. I have been married to my husband, Stephan, since 2008 and have 5 children ranging from age 6 to 21. I am blessed to be in my 10th year of homeschooling and 9th year of leading a homeschool program!

I am passionate about coming alongside homeschool leaders as they seek to start, run, and grow their programs. I believe in the power of community and love to use my own experiences (good and bad!) to encourage and equip others. In addition to my own experiences, I am blessed to work alongside Carol Topp, the Homeschool CPA, and glean from her wide knowledge about how to best support homeschool leaders and the vast array of needs they have. I am excited that you are here and hope you'll reach out if I can help or encourage you! Running a homeschool group (in any capacity) is not for the faint of heart, and I think you're amazing!  

More about my background:

I am nothing special...just a mom and wife who likes excel spreadsheets and tacos. My family and I enjoy spending time together bowling, trying hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and playing Wii sports and Mario Kart. :)


The Lord has been gracious in taking my hodge-podge of experience and using it for His glory. I grew up a pastor's kid learning to do all things church and event related at an early age. I am an expert potluck organizer. In high school, I worked at a local preschool and spent summers on staff at JH Ranch in Etna, CA working with horses, cleaning, and kitchen crew. After high school, I became a mom and did in home daycare for a while and eventually took a job at a local church as the Early Childhood Coordinator. I also directed events including VBS and taught Saturday night kids' church. I have also worked in private schools in a variety of capacities including aiding and substitute lunch lady, but after our 4th child joined us, the Lord pushed our family into the homeschool world (somewhat kicking and screaming). Quickly realizing our need for connection, I started a field trip group that ended up becoming Arrows Christian Homeschool Community the next year (2015). I served as the parent-run/volunteer Co-op Director for four years and the last three years as the two-day hybrid Academy Director. Nine years in and I am now so honored to partner with homeschool parents and students and love the opportunities we have to empower and support them as they grow in their homeschools. 

Becky Abrams Homeschool Leaders
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