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I currently offer phone or Zoom consultations for homeschool leaders or those considering starting a group. Initial consultations are free and last approximately 30 minutes. We can cover a lot of territory in 30 minutes! If you need or want additional help, we can work out a project rate that is affordable for you. My goal is to help you get the information and connect you to the resources you need to start and run a successful program! 

While I am happy to talk with you about anything you want, my 'specialty' is in the areas listed below. 

Start a program

Organizational Structure

Board Structure/Duties


Handbooks and Forms

Run a Program

Day to Day Program Details

Conflict Resolution

Increasing Efficiency


Volunteer/Staff Management

Tax exemption

I offer extensive support and services for groups pursing tax exempt status with the IRS

Complex Issues


Recruiting/Training Teachers

Worker Classification (Employees vs Ind. Contractors?)

Classroom Management

Employee Management

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